Albany State University Visit to Imo State Polytechnic Umuagwo

  • DateAug 25, 2021

Today, Mrs Nneka Nora Osakwe (PhD) in her visit to Imo State polytechnic Umuagwo clearly stated that the collaboration between The Albany State University and Imo State Polytechnic is aimed at creating outstanding quality Education, adopting academic support and excellence between the two institutions. This includes exchange of staff and students, collaborative academic programmes using online learning, research and many more.

Before then, the Rector Rev Fr. Wence Madu said the opening prayer and welcomed Mrs Nneka Nora Osakwe(PhD) to the institution. Professor Onyeka in his remark highlighted that the use of ICT cannot be over-emphasized in today’s Learning, He went ahead to introduce Mrs Nneka Nora Osakwe before inviting her up to the stage.

This collaboration between these two institutions is also aimed at creating new opportunities for our students with the aid of Edu Technology. International collaborations like this can be considered a major strength for the State Polytechnic.

Significant investment have gone into the campus infrastructure in order to get the State Polytechnic abreast with other academic institutions in other developed countries where online Learning is utilized well. This was well pointed out by the ICT Director Mr. Chukwuma Obinna when he took our visitor on a tour around the Institution’s ICT Facilities.